Ensuring You Live the Way You Want.

Wellness runs to the core of every service and amenity at The Westbury Senior Living. We believe in care that involves each person’s physical, social, and emotional needs.

Everyone has a their own unique reasons for considering senior living. Some enjoy the company of like-minded friends. Others need some additional help with cooking, cleaning, and driving. Many need some assistance with personal care as their physical needs increase. The Westbury is here to serve them all!

Pillars to Genuine Quality Care

Success is based on caring for the whole person, communicating effectively, and working directly with residents and families to offer care based on residents’ preferences – not our convenience.

Holistic Care

Addressing the needs of the whole person, not just the physical body. People need more than just strong bone and muscle. A healthy mind and spirit are vitally important, as well.

Care Planning

The only way to achieve goals is to work out a plan to get there. Care is no different. At The Westbury, we develop a plan with each resident and go one step further – you only pay for the care you actually receive based on that plan.

Personal Choice

Care is about the individual and that includes accommodating residents’ personal preferences. We don’t dictate care, we work with each resident to come up with a plan together that suits their lifestyle and habits. Whether you are an early riser or late, prefer showering 2 days or 7, or need full assistance or just a little help, we want to take the time to learn your personal preferences.


Tools for Success

The Westbury knows that technology provides us with incredible tools for achieving goals. Technology can be used to monitor health, track changes, and keep in contact like never before. We utilize modern equipment and best practices to ensure that every resident is on the path to success and is meeting their needs to live their best life.