Pure love on Four Paws.

Studies have shown that pets are a great way to improve wellness. At The Westbury, pets are family, plain and simple. No senior should need to make the impossible decision between the benefits of senior living and keeping their beloved pet. SO – bring Ol’ Yeller along! We’ll even provide help looking after your pet if you need.

Individualized Service Plans

If you need a little assistance caring for your pet, you don’t have to worry one bit! We can help with feedings, litter, walks, all sorts of things…

Your ability to care for your beloved pet is not a factor because we are here to make sure that you live the life you want, with the family you want.

Every pet has a shot

Young or old, large or small, don’t write off bringing your pet just yet. Our unique pet policy does not limit pets based on arbitrary rules. Instead, we want to meet your pet and find the best way to accommodate their needs.

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